Creating Teams for NSBD Project

In order to maximize the amount of time we have left to work on the project, we decided to split the NSBD team into four teams: the exhibit design team, the curation team, the research team, and the web team. Members from each team will rotate in and out of different groups as needed, but everyone has a specific are of focus for the remainder of the project.

The exhibit team is responsible for drafting the final layout of the exhibit. The curation team is responsible for selecting the images and assets that will be included in the exhibit. The research team has to ensure that the information presented is both interesting and accurate. Finally, the web team will launch a full project web site that encompasses the work of both groups, the students in Senegal and Brooklyn, will include downloads.

Drafting the Next Stop:Brooklyn/Dakar exhibit layout

With less than three months remaining until we launch our Next Stop: Brooklyn/Dakar exhibit our teens decided that it was time to begin finalizing our ideas for the exhibit layout.
Individually we came up with a total of 15 different layout ideas! Each layout had its own a unique approach to presenting Senegalese culture to the public, but unfortunately we had to narrow it down to one. After a few hours of collaborative effort our teens finally came up with one amazing idea which they proudly shared with Marcos Stafne, the Director of Education, at Brooklyn Children’s Museum.
Exhibit Layout Blueprint 1A

Photo of the exhibit layout blueprint made by NSBD teens. (Image of Side A)

Exhibit Layout Blueprint 1B

Photo of the exhibit layout blueprint made by NSBD teens. (Image of Side B)