Our Trip to Joloff Restaurant

On our second trip to Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn where there is a large community of Senegalese migrants, our teens visited the popular Senegalese restaurant, Joloff, located on 1168 Bedford Avenue. Prior to our trip, our teens had only heard of traditional Senegalese food courtesy of our program manager who visited Dakar in December.

The food was good. It came came out really fast and the portions were big. Brittney E.

The food was very good and the service was awesome.  Sheba B.

At Joloff, we enjoyed traditional Senegalese and Senegalese-American hybrid cuisine courtesy of Papa K. Diagne. They were eager to try pasteles and bissap, which they raved about. Many of them made connections between bissap and sorrel as well as how the flavors in the food were reminiscent of Caribbean dishes.

Joloff Appetizers

Fish and vegetarian appetizers served at Joloff restaurant.

Papa K. Diagne (standing) and one of our NSBD teens (sitting).

Papa K. Diagne (standing) and one of our NSBD teens (sitting).

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